Green Energy Qommodity (eQOM)

Investment in Innovation and Active Environmental Protection.

Energy Plus Technologies’ technological solutions combine DeFi with authentic products to increase the benefits and make the enormous potential of EPT and eQOM a practical application and use case.

Technology & Innovation

Paving the way with technology

We alone can certainly not save the world! But we already have ready-made solutions and technologies to make our future and that of our children a little bit better!”

The eQOM project is based on the newest and most innovative technologies at this stage. That’s why we chose Sourceless Blockchain. Because it is simply the best!

Green Energy Technologies

We can produce cheap, clean energy from waste. We can already convert up to 50,000 tonnes of waste into energy every year. This means that electricity shall also be affordable in the future. Thus, every landfill site in the world becomes a potential industrial site!

Coating process

With our unique coating process, we can coat every flat surface with a special paste and transform it into heater, air condition, lamp, power storage or a “solar panel”, and all without metals or rare minerals.


We can produce the most advanced insulation material in the construction industry: MEGRAFORMA Z18, the insulation material made from waste. Breathable, non-combustible, weather-resistant, non-burnable available in any colour and entirely environmentally friendly, it is up to 10 times more efficient than conventional materials.

Evolve every day

Our team works every day to bring new innovative technologies on the table, so that the future is prosperous and safe for everyone. Together with the Sourceless Blockchain technology, we will evolve and create a much-dreamed-of reality.

Is our energy clean and green?

However, how we generate energy is important. We need to generate energy through processes that do not exploit our planet to an extent that its imbalances nature.

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Green Energy Qommodity (EQOM)

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